Whose heart doesn’t melt at the idea of a tiny kitten that can fit in your shoe? Well, one woman wants to show people that adult and disabled cats are just as lovable – through cute comics.

The artist and cat owner, Brittney, said the inspiration for the cartoon drawings came from a story she heard a while ago, that broke her heart. “A family went a cat shelter to adopt. The daughter fell in love with a 3-legged cat. The father straight up said “absolutely not”. Because he was missing a leg. That cat was that close to having a family that loved him, but the missing leg held him back,” she wrote on her Tumblr page.

Each of the comic strips addresses the stigmas that surround ‘imperfect animals,’ and people’s hesitations to take them home. “I get it,” wrote Brittaney, “But less-adoptable does NOT mean less loveable. All I want people to do is be open to the idea of having an unusual cat or a “different” pet in their lives. Choose the pet that you fall in love with, but at least give all of them a fair shot at winning your heart.” This cat-lover is so passionate about her feline cause that she even has an online store that uses 50% of its sales to donate to cat adoption facilities.

Scroll down below to see Brittaney’s heartwarming cat comics and maybe you will be inspired to pick up a new pet of your own!

A while ago, artist and cat owner Brittney, heard a story about a dad who refused to buy his daughter a 3-legged cat and it broke her heart

So she decided to create a comic series to show why ‘less-adoptable does NOT mean less lovable’

People online loved the comic and shared the stories of their own rescue cats