The 4th of July is just around the corner and it’s got me thinking… “Our national flag’s colors are such a perfect combination.” So why not bring patriotic touches into your home using clean whites, vivid blues, and bold reds?

Being patriotic and loving the red, white, and blue color scheme can certainly lead to the creation of a fun and warm interior, but there are a number of different ways to decorate your interior in such a way that your source of inspiration is obvious but not too obvious.

Let’s explore the ways through which different interiors combine these colors into luxurious decor.

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Base Furnishings

Source: Thomas and Lord

By keeping the walls and furniture simple, you have the opportunity to experiment with vibrant colors in carpeting or accessories without the risk of creating too much overall “noise.”

Strong Color, Subtle Theme

Source: Nandina Home & Design

This design is a fine example that there are ways to create a room that states “proud to be an American” through classier design. Notice how the designer makes use of the colors but in a slightly alternative way. Dark blue, striped walls and a splash of red on the couch. And don’t worry if you don’t use the three colors in the same amount. You’re not obligated to do so and the outcome can be just as beautiful.

Use Different Shades

Source: Amanda Carol Interiors

There are several of shades for each of the colors to choose from depending on the piece of furniture or the item you have in mind. In this living room sits a gorgeous cobalt blue couch with magenta red pillows and a soft cream colored rug under the coffee table. The main colors of the pillows remind us of our national flag but the patterns are inspired by something else. You would possibly expect a star pattern so this comes as a pleasant surprise.

Try Different Tones


Going for beige and cream, instead of white, will instantly give your room a vintage look. Combine with crimson red and navy blue for a touch of modern. Playing with multiple shades of the same color, such as with the blues in this room, adds visual diversity to the theme.

Combine Another Theme

Source: Bayberry Cottage

Red, white and blue works well for both Americana lovers and nautical lovers! By finding two complementary themes, you can add a little complexity and originality to the room’s design.

Different Textures


It can look flat to just depend upon wall paint to create the color theme of a room. By integrating colors across materials, it allows the look to be influenced by the unique properties of different surfaces. In this image, note the reflective walls, the soft fabrics of the bed, the matte finish of the art. All respond differently to light, at thus allow the colors to come through in different ways.

Statement Piece

Source: The Fabulous Times

One statement piece brings life to a room! It is enough to give a room it’s own character.

Sneak It In

Source: Her Kitchen Ideas

If you really want to display the red, white, and blue without a whole redesign of your home, just a few trinkets like these kettles and pitchers on the shelf should do!

Have fun mixing it up and applying the colors throughout your home for a great patriotic look all year round.

Happy 4th of July!