This work is dedicated to all animal lovers, especially those who have adopted and saved a life in need. We have dedicated over five years of our life building a community hand in hand with you, our incredible fans. Thank you for your continued support and humane treatment of our animal friends.

I’ve been taking time out of this beautiful day in Michigan to re ect on the many things that I have destroyed this week.

Who are you calling cuties?

Look in my eyes.

I come in peace!

The moment you have a job interview, but you wake up lookinglike…!

I must survey my magnificent kingdom…

Pondering life and my next meal.

Being a kitten is tough work.

Partners in crime and friends for life.

Did someone order a purrito?

Striving to be the next big star.

SuperMax to the rescue!

Treats please!

Being cute is exhausting sometimes.

I’m currently accepting belly rubs as of now

Life is better when it’s lled with TV, curiosity, belly rubs, and food!

But . . . but . . . I thought you loved me!?!

You may call it fat. I call it love

Would you believe that our human calls us double trouble

Channeling my inner leopard!

Did you just tell me to get down from here? HOW. DARE. YOU.

When your mom brings home corn and you’re on a diet.


Please don’t make me go into the scary outdoors again.

I don’t think these humans realize I’m a cat, not a dog.

Let’s have a staring contest! Ready, set, go! I win.

I was born with an underdeveloped jaw and a severe case of cuteness.

Send all the snacks my way.

Closed Eyes, Full Belly, Let’s Snooze!

Advanced yoga for humans is just everyday posing for Gru.

Partners in crime and friends for life.

Be good and bring me chicken treats.

My face when I realize my human and I wore the same .

Dear Santa, please bring me to our North Pole this year.

Full- time princess. You may worship me. And then you may pet me

I love adventures, but there is no better place than home.

I can see them, do you think they can see me?

When your mom brings home pizza and you’re on a diet.

If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be “mellow.”

I basically do what I want, when I want.