Everybody deserves to be healthy because being full of energy means leading a good life. However, health becomes a real issue if you have to pay your weight in gold whenever you need to go to the hospital.

When US Senator Bernie Sanders asked his Twitter followers what the most absurd medical bill they’ve ever received was, the floodgates opened. The stories were shocking, to say the least. So here is a compilation of the most ridiculous medical bills that Americans were presented with. Get ready for your jaw to drop and your eyes to pop because some of these are unbelievable. Upvote the bills you found the most shocking, leave us a comment and remember to share with your friends.

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Some of these bills reached tens-of-thousands and even hundreds-of-thousands of bills. I’ll be honest with you, when I saw them I genuinely thought I was either seeing things or that somebody accidentally added a couple of extra zeroes.

The harsh reality is that healthcare is incredibly expensive in the United States, and plenty of people always wonder: “Why?” Investopedia explains that healthcare in the US is “about twice as expensive as it is in any other developed country.” However, despite the cost, the US healthcare system is only the 37th in quality, according to the World Health Organization.

Harvard economist David Cutler told Investopedia that the main reason why US healthcare costs are sky-high is this: “The administrative costs of running our healthcare system are astronomical. About one-quarter of healthcare cost is associated with administration, which is far higher than in any other country.”

What’s more, the cost of medical drugs in the United States is far higher than in other developed countries. Meanwhile, American doctors are afraid of litigation, so they practice what’s called ‘defensive medicine’ — they order lots of different tests even when they know what the diagnosis is.

What do you think of the US healthcare system, dear Pandas? Have you ever had any massive medical bills? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments.

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