Last month I’ve shared with you the first series of my project “Urban Melodies”. Now, I want to show another series of this project, composed by 30 pictures. My aim is to create an abstract representation of urban landscapes and contemporary life from modern metropolis like Rome, New York, Paris, Berlin and many others. By juxtaposing different images, I try to show an usual image in a conceptual way, almost impressionist, where everything is duplicated, the lights and the structures multiply and build a new vision of urban life.

Superimposing photos is an art that needs creativity, fantasy, curiosity and, most of all, lots of patience. It’s like a puzzle, an enigma to solve; a solution exists, the right combination exists, but we have to find it. There are no preset rules, only the rules that we decide to impose.

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This is London (London)

Williamsburg (New York)

There is a light that never goes out (Roma)

Once upon a time in America (New York)

Ville Lumiere (Paris)

Ortakoy (Istanbul)

Grand Central (New York)

I am Legend (Roma)

Taksim (Istanbul)

Valparaiso (Chile)

La nuit n’en finit plus (Paris)

Sous la Tour Eiffel (Paris)

Colors (Roma)

Ostiense (Roma)

Central Park (New York)

Linea A (Buenos Aires)

Monopoli (Italia)

Trullo (Roma)

Via del Corso (Roma)

Warschauer (Berlin)

Cinquecento (Roma)

Arrieta (Santiago de Chile)

Crossroads (Roma)

Welcome to the jungle (Roma)

Slow (Boston)

Chinatown (New York)

Panorama (Roma)

Benavente (Madrid)