As far as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by abandoned places, so there’s no surprise that after a few childhood explorations, I decided to take a camera with me to bring back memories of my trips.

I started giving more and more importance to the place I was shooting to get the satisfaction of perfectly capturing the spirit of the spot I was visiting. It has been nearly three years now that I travel around Europe to find and capture these amazing locations. From communists relics in Bulgaria or Hungary to the incredible villas and palaces in Italy passing by the tremendous factories and power plants in France or Belgium, I try to grasp the esthetic beauty that emerge from the chaos of decay.

I love when nature takes over human constructions which creates a unique and unreal atmosphere. It puts in perspective our presence on earth and remind us that we are only passers-by. For me, it’s like traveling in time. Every room is special and have its own history.

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