“Before Tim Burton there was Edward Gorey”. A blog with this title led me to the writer and illustrator who created ‘The Gashlycrumb Tinies’ in 1963, a morbid alphabet book about 26 children who died in creative ways. I started out to make such an alphabet too – and came up with too many options for the text to fit into one version. So here are the ladies. The gents are on another board. Enjoy.

TwentySix Tinies – Female version – cover

A is for Aldora

B is for Bernadette

C is for Celia

D is for Deirde

E is for Esmeralda

F is for Florence

G is for Geraldine

H is for Helena

I is for Isolde

J is for Josephine

K is for Kaelyn

L is for Lory

M is for Melinda

N is for Noella

O is for Ophelia

P is for Philberta

Q is for Quinta

R is for Rowena

S is for Sigourney

T is for Tiffany

U is for Ulrika

V is for Victoria

W is for Wilonia

X is for Xanthippe

Y is for Yetta

Z is for Zephrine