‘Before Tim Burton there was Edward Gorey’… See the description at the female version of how I got to make this booklet. It started out as a holiday scribbling project and ended with 52 drawings – each letter of the alphabet twice. Here they are again, now for men who follow the women dying or suffering in one-frame and one-line terrible tales. Enjoy!

TwentySix Tinies – Male version – by Jos van Hout – cover

A is for Aldridge

B is for Bertrand

C is for Chadwick

D is for Delwyn

E is for Edward

F is for Frank

G is for Gerald

H is for Harrold

I is for Isaac

J is for Johnny

K is for Kendrick

L is for Leonard

M is for Marvyn

N is for Neville

O is for Orville

P is for Prescott

Q is for Quentin

R is for Radcliff

S is for Stanford

T is for Timothy

U is for Ulfred

V is for Vaughn

W is for Weston

X is for Xander

Y is for Yardley

Z is for Zachary