Van Quat Dong is a peaceful poor village in Huong Phong commune, Huong Tra district (Thua Thien – Hue, Pha Tam Giang which is the biggest lagoon in Southeast Asia). This is a small oasis surrounding by water with ancient fishing village with hundreds of years which still exists and grows till now. Only a few people herein do farming and the others mainly live by shrimps floating on the lagoon.

In the wild, quiet, peaceful beauty when sunrise appears, the small boats with sound of engine running is pulling to the shore in turn after a night of catching fishes and shrimps on the Lagoon, and fishermen are selling what they caught throughout the night. A corner of highway has become a small market where people are busty to buy and sell until the sun rises, this small market also begins to be scattered gradually and closes at 9 am.. ..

Sometimes, just a small number of shrimps, spidercrabs or a basket of shrimps and some fishes are caught to sell. The fishermen in Van Quat Dong have lived by such job for many years. There are some families which have no houses on land, they, therefore, live directly on the boats and do coastal fishing daily from the lagoon to sea gate.

Pha Tam Giang which is famous for the biggest lagoon in the Southeast Asia, possesses a such wild and peaceful beauty that everybody coming here admires and praises.

Pha Tam Giang is in the vinicity of 4 districts including Phong Dien, Quang Dien, Huong Tra and Phu Vang in Thua Thien – Hue province

The most beautiful moment in Pha Tam Giang appears when it is covered by sunrise and sunset. It seems to embrace whole cloudy sky with full of colors reflecting on the water surface, and the sun blazes like a lipstick on the horizon. All combinations of them created a picturesque photo of nature.

Holding the camera in hand, it is sure that you will immerse yourself in the vast expanse of sky and water and keep this romantic and poetic beauty. This is a big opportunity for you to take a lot of beautiful photos for yourself.

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