A new scheme has launched in the UK, that is all about honoring animals, rather than people.

The ‘Pet Plaques’ scheme takes inspiration from the English Heritage blue plaques that have recognized people for over 150 years and turns the attention fully onto our furry friends. Aiming to highlight the many amazing things animals do and have done over the years.

Just over 20 green plaques (complete with pointy pet ears) have been placed around the UK so far, with pets including Flora, a life-saving dog that predicts its owner’s oncoming blackouts, Smudge a bully fighting cat and Walnut, the dog most will remember for its final beach walk.

TrustedHousesitters, the brand behind it all, are now allowing pet owners to nominate their own pet to be in the running to receive a plaque come 2019!


More info: trustedhousesitters.com

Flora, an Akita with a life-saving sense of smell

Walnut the Whippet’s owner with his 5 other whippets and plaque

Mother Sarah and son Ethan with Smudge, the family cat that saved him from bullies

Mayor of Trafford and Local MP Kate Green at the unveiling of a plaque for Jessi-cat in Manchester

Owner Tracey with Scout, a blind dog saved just days from death, that now volunteers at a local home for people with dementia

Pet Plaques: Celebrating the Nation’s Most Loved Pets