Hi, I am Velda and I am a playful and adorable dog, but no one wants to adopt me as I am a bit old and a bit disabled. However, the lovely people at BETA (Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) came up with this amazing idea and they are sending older dogs like me abroad to nice people who adopt pets who are not so fortunate.

Unfortunately, as you all know, the expenses for organizing a dog adoption abroad are too high and they already have high costs on medicating, feeding, and sheltering us. They work so much to keep us safe and happy, but unfortunately, a dog shelter life is never the happiest. That’s why they try so hard to find us loving and caring homes, and when one of us is adopted we leave a space for a new abandoned animal in need. Some people in Lebanon complain about how BETA is strict on the potential adopters of beautiful dogs, but if I don’t get to be adopted by people who consider me as a member of their family and consider me a part of them, then I would rather stay at the animal shelter. So please, help them to help me!

I love you, unconditionally.

More info: xpatpets.com

I am Velda and I am a friendly dog but no one wants to adopt me

This is because I am a bit old and a bit disabled

Oops, not the best angle but…

And here are some of my friends who have packed their suitcases and flew to their amazing new families:

Adopted 3-legged Veggie enjoying his life in Canada

Blind and deaf Stardust with his beautiful new friend Emma (who’s also deaf) at the park in the US

Ura the “senior” dog going wild in France. People say it’s all about the spirit and not the age

Ghandi making use of the neck warmer he took with him to Germany

Oops, I’m guessing Monte was so excited to travel to Canada that she forgot her neck warmer back home

Noushka the 3-legged rescue dog