I work as a Nurse and when I was at Home with my second child I suddenly realized that I was empty. I find the distance to Work good but something was missing in my Life. I was often tired and broken and saw everything so hard at this Time. I dont show this my Children and i tried to give my Best for them. Was it a delayed postpartum depression or did the blanket fall on my head?

I spent a lot of Time thinking about Things that I’m good at and where I could have Talent, and on my Son’s first Birthday, I suddenly realized that I’ve always been taking photos of my Kids and Friends and I like it so much so i decide to get better and better. I found my Passion and myself.

I started ´with lot of Theorie, Youtube and more and could not stop. I photographed my Kids at Day and Edit some Photos every Night when they sleeped. It was a lovely hard Year to learn but i learned very fast and made great Strides.

I have always admired the great Photographers and have so much wanted to be able to make even gorgeous Pictures

Now, just 2 Years after I started to photographing, nice People from all over the World writing me almost Daily how much they like my Pictures and how they remind of their own Childhood. They ask me for Tips and hope to be able to take pictures like myself. I can`t always believe that because I still can learn so much and see myself as nobody Big. Nevertheless, I am very proud that I have done so much in such a short time without losing the look and love of my family.