I am a London based Lithuanian graphic designer, photographer and illustrator Ieva Blaževičiūtė (jyudeidei). Celebrating melancholy, grumpiness and miracles, I started the Gloomy Business.

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It is a collection of dreamy monochrome photographs with hand-drawn creatures living their little lives right next to us. Just have to look a little bit closer.

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The ram on a boat was floating away into the depths of his heart

Hello? Anyone?

Even cats get lonely sometimes

My newspaper blew away!


Who spilled my milk?

Dance like nobody’s watching

Ben and his unhappy pet

Home sweet home

This door mat is far away from the door

Cats always take the spotlight


Don’t ask any questions

Lonely seaside flowers

Lithuanian forest ghosts

Small doors, big surprises

What if heaven looks like this?

A useless argument

Rocky solitude

Be careful on the road

Welcome to my crib!

Feed me

An English pony in New York

Eternal winter in my heart

You took my seat

Grow till tall

Every viking needs his own little dragon