You know those artists that you are hooked right away first by the visual beauty of his art, then by what art is. Lenny present Lima, a visual artist and using the aesthetics of the lines to express somehow the inner world of the human soul.

Poetic, visually beautiful, in a very personal trait and questioning art Lenny weaves the loom of its geometric studying daily work despite the almost off as non networks Weaver seems more coincidental is not professionally he is netweaving creates connections between people and their art weaves a network of possibilities where there is always a fragmentation always in the minds of your life where you want to go out where ideas want to be born.

Just as his art its creator always reinvents itself despite the present references of art history as Cubism, Surrealism and the Hi-Tec -only to highlight algumas- so he always searches artistic trends combined with technology bringing your digital visual poetry very special and his alone where despite all the beauty there is a critical society where we connect assume the identity of the networks themselves and we are bigger than our cities or perhaps swallowed and strange inside.

Lenny is an artist out of the great circuits of galleries and sells her work their work independently by online galleries from several countries. His art can be purchased in T cell marry and posters.

I’m hoping that the art of this young Brazilian artist born in the state of Alagoas the win the world and it grows, appear carrying his boundless work.

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Geometric Man



Emotional Intelligence

Awareness Amibiental