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We Suggest 9 Unique Ways To Use Leftover Tiles
User submission
Interior Design1 year ago

We Suggest 9 Unique Ways To Use Leftover Tiles

You go over your home renovation and end up with beautiful tile flooring, but even after all the perfect measurements and tile fittings, you could still have a few residual tiles left with you. Since tiles are so versatile, several things can be done with the leftover tiles, and you can be creative about the ways.

There are endless ways to use your leftover tiles; these were just some simpler ideas to give you an idea of all that you can do! Go ahead, try out some of your ideas; with the beauty and versatility of tiles, your options are endless!

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Painting tile square for decorative purposes

You might love the tiles you have, but since you’ve only used them somewhere, you might not want to look at them everywhere, so you can always paint them! Simple shades of black, white, and grey give the classiest outcomes to any tiles, all you need to do is choose waterproof undercoating and make sure there’s no grout on the tile, and it isn’t wet.

Tile coasters & placemats

For the artist route, one might take up small-sized tiles that are left behind and use them as coasters or placemats by simply sticking a piece of velvet to the inside of the tile; they are usually stained, chemical, and heat resistant, therefore providing the best base for that hot cup of coffee or a hot bowl of soup.

Tile table runner

Image credits: Unique Mosaic Tables

In need of a new furniture look? The style of your tabletops might look out of fashion to you after a while; instead of going for new expensive furniture, you could use the tiles over the top or just under the top glass and make it look exquisite just be upcycling the materials you have and a bit of paint to make them look more in sync with the whole set up.

Amazing fridge magnets

Image credits: Creative Jewish Mom

How amazing would it look if the fridge magnets could be in sync with your tile flooring? While it might sound like a heavy task but it is not. The work is simple, taking rather small-sized tiles or cutting them into small pieces and attaching small magnets on the back of each piece with super glue so that it doesn’t wear off, and you have an amazing tile magnet to which you could attach all the tins and toes of your needs.

Beautiful tiled mirror

Image credits: Creative Point UA

Need to style things up a bit in your washroom? The mosaic-tiled bathroom mirror is the solution. Bathroom mirrors usually come in simple designs and are usually borderless. To spruce up the décor of your bathroom, you could use your leftover mosaic tiles around the borders of that mirror and make it look extremely aesthetic and match your bathroom décor to a European-style bathroom.

Tile wall art

Image credits: Bed Bath And Beyond

This is probably the easiest and a very go-to option for styling up old tiles. It’s simple. All you need to do is put the preferred tile in a frame, and voila! You can even create a feature wall with the tiles. Many of the tiles are abstract art in themselves, so they don’t even need the frames, you could set up three similar designs on the walls right next to each other, and it will look magnificent.

Elegant planter box

Image credits: Vintage Chateau

The simple plant vessels that you keep the luscious greens it can be upgraded in the look with the simple pasting of these tiles around the vessel, it’s simple, it’s beautiful, it’s aesthetic, and very cost-effective, and such designed plant vessels are available in the market for a very high price. You could not only make these at home, but you could also style them according to your need.

Tiled table top

Similar to tabletop runners, you could rejuvenate your old worn-off tables where you use two non-usable items and make one beautiful outcome! You can fix up a new table with some leftover tiles, tile adhesives, grout, and grout sponges. Easy!

Tiled serving tray

Image credits: Hollywood Homestyle

Usually, people want to savor the look of the tiles they’ve chosen after a lot of thinking, and they do not want to cover up the look with paint or cut them short for making magnets; they want to use the tile as a whole and even want it to look fancy. So one thing that you could do with such tiles is making a side tray or a serving tray out of the tile pieces. All you need is a wooden tray, glue, and grout, and the rest of the process is quite self-explanatory!


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Amy Jo Buchanan
Community Member
1 year ago

I really like the planter idea! Maybe I'll try this as a gift to my aunt!!

Amy Jo Buchanan
Community Member
1 year ago

I really like the planter idea! Maybe I'll try this as a gift to my aunt!!

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Popular on Bored Panda
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