Things You Can Only See in Japan

Elements from Japanese culture are in our lives right now: many people watch anime and Japanese TV series, they eat wok and sushi, and they listen to songs by Japanese singers. And even such a seemingly ordinary thing as karaoke actually originated in Japan. However, there are still some things that can only be seen in the Land of the Rising Sun.

We have found out which cultural things can’t be seen anywhere but in Japan.

Most coffee vending machines across the world are very similar — all of them have several buttons for choosing a drink and traditional paper cups. In Japan, a service that allows you to order a coffee in an app and pick it up from a store at a certain time is becoming more and more popular. Instead of paper or plastic cups, there are bottles with multicolored tags you can customize.

It seems to be completely normal for us to stop by the nearest cafe to drink a cup of coffee or just sit alone at the table during our lunch break. But in Japanese cafes, the visitors who are alone get huge plush Moomins so that they don’t feel sad.

We are used to sitting on chairs in local cafes and bars. But the Japanese are used to a high level of comfort wherever they are. So, the chairs in Japanese cafes look a lot more like low armchairs that you can lie on. The Europeans call this piece of furniture Izakaya — just like the type of establishment where you can see these low chairs. CLICK TO CONTINUE READING