The internet is already dominated with cute cuddly pictures of kittens, puppies, and baby pandas. We think it’s about time that cute cars are put in the limelight too! We’re not talking about customized vehicles with fluffy tails, long eyelashes, and pink Hello Kitty stickers. We’re referring to cars that are naturally cute without the need for any modification. Aww-dorable vehicles were rampant back in the 50’s as people look for cheap alternatives to use as their daily workhorse. It’s easy to turn a blind eye to their poor durability because these cars are born to charm! If you believe full-blooded car guys also deserve a dose of cuteness, then you’ve come to the right place! Prepare to squee your manliness away as you check out some of the most adorable cars ever to grace the Earth:

2. Volkswagen Beetle

Whether it reminds you of a bug or a turtle, the VW Beetle is easily one of the most recognizable cars on the road. The latest makes of this car come with curvier looks, but they managed to retain the model’s original cuteness.>>>READ MORE