Wouldn’t it be cool to play with your own miniature sized replica and imagine that you were actually shrunk to several millimeters height by a giant x-ray? At least that’s what came into my mind first when I saw this amazing project done by Omote3D. The principle is borrowed from ordinary photo booths, the only difference is that you are photographed with a three-dimensional camera and the result is a custom miniature action figure of you!

Omote opened this installation at the Eye of Gyre gallery in Harajuku, Japan. The making of one figure takes approximately 15 minutes  and the miniatures range from 10 to 20 centimeters in height. Though the price isn’t what you’d call cheap (it varies between 21,000 to 42,ooo yen ($264 to $529)), there’s definitely a priceless sense of immortality and surprise to this.

Website: omote3d.com