Curiosity may not always kill the cat, but it can certainly "frame" it. This seems to be the mantra of this Japanese artist Fujita Satomi, who makes felt wool cat frames where cats are immortalized with their head keenly popping out of the frame. In a way, we can finally see what the bottom of the box sees when cats stick their head in it.

And it's not only that. The way each cat is made and framed gives each and every one of them a unique expression, mood, and setting. In some cases, even cat posteriors were framed. Any type of cat you can imagine, she's done it. Tabbies, Siamese, heterochromatic, hybrids, cat pairs—the variations are as endless as there are cats in the world.

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It may look easy, but only because of Fujita's invested time. The Japanese artist told Bored Panda that she's been doing wool felt art for 14 years, which explains why they look so neat and well-made. She even has her own self-made wool felt kit and has written a book about the art. She says it takes her about 2 to 3 hours to make a single cat frame. It seems that I've seen thousands of them, so that means she poured more than a few thousand hours into making them. Impressive.

Fujita Satomi has received quite a lot of requests to buy these cute cat frames, and it's no wonder why, but unfortunately, she can't make enough to accommodate the demand. She sells them at unique events or at stores, but only temporarily and only in Japan. She considers herself lucky to have at least a few events a year. Even though we can't buy her works, (and we would if we could, right?) we can still show support by sharing her beautiful works and raising exposure, so follow her on her social media if you'd like to do so.

The artist is also a loving owner of 2 cats. They have been living in her house for five years. In a way, her love for her cats is what gave her the idea to make them: "the idea of ​​creating a cute family was the reason why I started making the present cat frames."Even though her works are purrfect, her media purresence is somewhat minimal; one could even argue she's still undiscovered. If that were the case, then you could say that you appreciated these brilliant works of art before they were cool and were hung on every cat lover's wall.

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