Let’s face it, there have been a whole lot of people who walked the earth before us, because time is a pretty old thing. When sifting through the unimaginable millions who came before us, we’re bound to come across a face that looks eerily similar to one we know today.

Seeing as celebrities are super famous, the opportunity to find their doppelganger somewhere and some when is inevitable, but these lookalikes are just plain ridiculous!

1. Brad Pitt

What do American actor and producer Brad Pitt and Swiss psychologist and psychoanalyst Hermann Rorschach have in common? Uhh, probably not that much more than some fantastic hair and looks that could kill.

If the man with the good looks sounds familiar, it’s because he was the genius behind the looks test – the Rorschach Test, that is.

Though he only lived to age 37, Rorschach’s left a significant legacy, especially in the famous inkblot test that has become a stalwart in psychological testing. Significant as Rorschach’s impact on neurology and psychology was and still is, the world could always use a second Brad Pitt, because you know… Brad Pitt.

2. Orlando Bloom

Long before movie lovers had the hunky action hero Orlando Bloom to ogle, Romania gifted the world a prototype of the Bloom we know today in the form of Nicolae Grigorescu.

Born in 1838, Girgorescu grew to be a key figure in helping found modern Romanian painting.

Girgorescu honed his craft while studying at the Barbizon School, blending his taste for pointillist and impressionist styles alongside other pioneers of the period like Jean-Francois Millet and Gustave Courbet.

It’s a shame Bloom wasn’t around for Girgorescu to paint up a “self” portrait. That certainly would’ve made his life a bit easier.

3. Macaulay Culkin

Everyone’s favorite holiday hero, Macaulay Culkin, delivered a pair of Christmas classics in Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, but his childhood doppelganger is a long way away from being America’s most adored (and adorable) adolescent.

Culkin — in all of his ‘90s glory — sure does look a lot like a certain someone from overseas.who’s name comes up in the news from time to time. Has this supposed “Chicagoan” manage to gain America’s love and affection only to reveal that he’s Russian all along? No, he couldn’t have been puttin one over on us, could he? Wait a sec…he gets lost in New York then meets the future Mr. Prez at the Plaza Hotel…

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