I’m a Dutch graphic designer & illustrator, and hummingbirds are a huge inspiration for me. Their hovering abilities, their variety in colors and shape…

To honour their beauty and variety, I started a hummingbird illustration project. In this project I illustrate 300 different hummingbird species while experimenting with different illustration styles, techniques and materials. In every style or material I illustrate 5 different species.

I started this project going back to where my love for illustration started: by making very realistic color pencil drawings. At this moment, 100 hummingbirds have been illustrated.

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Purple-troated mountaingem, color pencil

Allens hummingbird, acryl paint

Spangled coquette, acryl paint

Calliope hummingbird, digital vector illustration

Bumblebee hummingbubble, color pencil & water color

Tawny-bellied hermit, Photoshop illustration

Snowy-bellied hummingbird, colored ink

Long-tailed sylph, digital vector illustration low poly style

Violet-headed hummingbird, watercolor

Purple-throated woodstar, digital vector illustration