L O V E is the strongest emotion.

It’s beautiful, selfless, forgiving, self-enhancing, understanding.

It makes you want to be a better person.

It teaches you compassion and perseverance.

Also, when this L O V E leave our life,

We are not able to get over it.

That’s the problem, we never get over losing a loved one.

The years will come and go: spring turning to summer and autumn to winter, but there will always be a part of you which feels the pain of loss.

It will become a whisper of what it was, an echo of the desperate loss, but it will always be there.

I’m sure these tales describing L O V E and lost L O V E will melt your heart.

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I have survived these storms many times before…

This maze!

Heart is innocent!

Let’s meet again, tonight.

You always flinched…

Let’s sing the hymns of adour.

I just need you to be my side!

We all love ‘love letters’!

Hence never reached the end

My heart rejuvenates!

We’ll escape towards the same destination, together

Life …

Explore my within …

Take a walk with me!

Our souls meet every night!

Emotions fill colors to writing.

Few people are like fireflies..

Your smile!

Can we ?

A never ending spiral!

Your emotions!

Double faced humans!


U n h e a l e d wounds

I stand tall!

Your absence!

What is L O V E ?