Like the Apple Watch itself, the best Apple Watch apps pretty much guarantee that you’ll never grow bored, get lost or fall behind again. Whether using these apps to play games, track fitness, hail a ride, or catch up on the latest in sports, they’ll keep you occupied, informed and entertained for hours on end, or at least until the battery runs out. Furthermore, thanks to Apple’s latest innovations, at least some of these apps can be used without a smartphone nearby, making an easy thing that much easier. You do you, technology. You do you. Here are the 23 Best Apple Watch Apps. May they enhance your life and kill your boredom at the very same time.

A Tiny Game of Pong
Proving that some things simply never go out of style, A Tiny Game of Pong brings one of the first computer games back to life by way of top smartwatch app. The premise couldn’t be simpler: try to keep the ball from getting past your side of the screen by using a tiny bar. Compete against friends or against the watch itself, and prepare to get hooked.

Easily one of the best Apple Watch apps, Citymapper injects you directly into the bloodstream of any given city. That means providing real-time train and subway departures, disruption alerts, transportation maps and so much more. You’re not adequately connected to your surrounding urban terrain until you’ve got this top smartwatch app at your disposal!