Genius DIY Wind Turbine Designs

A DIY wind turbine is an easy and inexpensive way to convert wind power into electricity. Due to high cost of electricity many people are looking for ways to reduce their monthly utility bill, or to completely eliminate it. Wind generated electricity can be used for all your electrical needs, or to supplement solar panels or power purchased from a utility company.

A small homemade wind turbine can provide a home with energy that supplements the existing power source to save money. Larger turbines can eliminate the need to buy electricity from the utility company. Those who live off-grid, on a boat or in a remote cabin can rely on electrical energy generated by the wind when they build one of these 21 DIY wind turbines. A couple of these DIY designs are portable, making them great for taking along with you on remote camping trips.

DIY 400 Watt Wind Turbine

This efficient wind turbine design can withstand 40+ mile per hour winds and produce electricity with as little as 15 mile per hour winds. A very good return of investment, considering the monetary investment is less then $200 for this DIY wind turbine. A little elbow grease and scrap metal will allow you to produce your own clean energy.

Tesla Turbine

Follow this video tutorial to learn how to build a tesla turbine from a combination of recycled parts and a couple of new parts. This turbine can achieve speeds of up to 15,000-20,000 running speed rpm’s and top rpm’s reaching around 30,000. That’s a very good rate of return on electrical cost savings for the up-front investment of a few dollars and a little elbow grease. This tesla turbine design can completely eliminate your need to purchase power from the utility company.

Large Wind Generator

These detailed instructions will show you how to build a wind turbine that is large and can generator a considerable amount of power. This design is great for usage in a wind farm setting where a community is being provided power from wind turbines. This design is meant to placed on a tall tower. The higher this turbine design is placed the more electricity it will generate. It could be possible to generate an excess amount of electricity that your local utility company would be interested in purchasing from you. CLICK TO CONTINUE READING