Visiting North Korea is a unique and once in a lifetime experience. We don’t normally use words like ‘going on vacation’ to this secretive state instead we use ‘entering’ or ‘going in’. The only scheduled access points to the secretive state is through China or Russia. Not only is it far and costly to travel there, it is also rather a taboo to even share my experiences with most people. It was my curiosity that fuelled me to first took up the courage and step into this country back in 2014. I was entirely dumbfounded when I was there. I thought I was dreaming waking up to the fact that I was right there in the DPRK and also the feeling of a place that is stuck in the 80s. Their massive buildings and gorgeous monuments were jaw dropping, especially the ones in the capital.

What fascinated me most were the beautiful and hospitable people. The locals were extremely friendly towards us foreigners. North Koreans are proud of their culture and are not shy to show off their best architecture and artistic skills. Dominated by a fusion of traditional and socialist architecture styles, Pyongyang skyline is extremely unique in it’s own way. Therefore, waking up and gazing out the window is already a sight by itself.

It may not be difficult nowadays to find things to see and do in Pyongyang thanks to many tourists who have been there and brought back lots of information and pictures to share online. Nevertheless, I was one of those tourists who tried my best to bring back the beauty of this often misunderstood nation. If you’d like to see more of my travel landscape photos you may visit my blog.

Here I have compiled 20 places you might visit on your visit to Pyongyang.

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