Some artists use paint, others bronze, but Nathan Sawaya chooses to build his unique art out of toy building blocks. Lego bricks to be exact. The former corporate lawyer quit his job in 2001 to focus on becoming the world’s foremost LEGO artist.

With more than 1.5 million colored bricks in his New York studio, Sawaya’s sculptures take many forms.

Sawaya’s LEGO builds are currently touring North American museums in a show titled, The Art of the Brick. It’s the only exhibition focusing exclusively on LEGO as an art medium. The creations, constructed from nearly one million pieces, were built from standard bricks beginning as early as 2002. More information on the tour, dates and locations can be found here.
A full-time freelance artist, Sawaya accepts commissions for his LEGO creations from individuals, corporations, and … well just about anyone with a good idea! He’s also available to design and build custom creations at events, photo shoots and conventions.

So let Sawaya know what you have in mind, he says, that there are literally no limits to what he can create out of LEGO.

To make this article even more interesting – we’ve also added some interesting facts about Lego bricks underneath the pictures. Hope you like it – enjoy!

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1. Heartfelt

February 2009

35″ x 13″ x 28″

+The number of combinations you can build are practically endless. With just six 8-stud LEGO bricks you can build over 102 million combinations!

2. Underneath

March 2009

21″ x 30″ x 17″

+It is estimated there are about 50-60 Lego bricks for every person on the planet.

3. Blue

January 2006

42″ x 34″ x 18″

+Kids around the world spend around 5 billion hours playing with Lego.

4. Yellow

February 2006

35″ x 13″ x 28

+The Lego Company is based out of Denmark, and the word Lego comes from the Danish word Leg Godt which means “play well”.

5. Circle Triangle Square

April 2009

72″ x 70″ x 16″

+Lego bricks have been used in engineering and other technical fields to do real design and science.

6. Think!

November 2008

42″ x 26″ x 22″

+7 LEGO sets are sold by retailers every second around the world.

7. Mt. Rushmore Replica

February 2009

59″ x 25″ x 29″

As selected by the fans through the “What Should Nathan Make?” adventure, he created his rendition of the Gutzon Borglum’s most famous sculpture, otherwise known as Mt. Rushmore.

8. Rebirth of New Orleans

December 2006

66″ x 42″ x 64″

Nathan Sawaya was commissioned to build a large sculpture for the celebration of the rebirth of New Orleans.The piece took him over six weeks to build and he used over 120,000 LEGO elements. It’s permanently on display in the Main Branch of the New Orleans Public Library.

9. Hands

August 2009

22″ x 39″ x 25″

+Children around the world spend 5 billion hours a year playing with LEGO bricks.

10. Gray

March 2006

45″ x 45″ x 15″

+More than 400 billion LEGO bricks have been produced since 1949. Stacked on top of each other, this is enough to connect the Earth and the Moon ten times over.

11. Hand

January 2006

7″ x 21″ x 6″

12. Life size Replicas

October 2008

Nathan even made himself out of LEGO bricks. By the way, he is also offering the chance to purchase a replica of you or your loved one exclusively through the Neiman Marcus 2008 Gift Book. You can order one here.

The price is just $60,000.00.

13. Iwo Jima Replica

September 2006

75″ x 75″ x 68″

This is a replica of the flag raising at Iwo Jima – a permanent installation at the National Museum of the Marine Corps.

14. Grasp

December 2008

30″ x 67″ x 30″

15. Green

July 2008

27″ x 70″ x 15″

16. Sing

February 2008

31″ x 56″ x 15″

17. Mask

January 2008

29″ x 71″ x 24″

Mask is currently on display at the Avant Gallery in Miami.

18. Reflection

August 2006

28″ x 48″ x 20″

19. Stop, Look and Live

October 2008

20. Red

August 2005 | 24″ x 49″ x 26″

P.S.: if you want to build something similar to Nathan’s artworks, you can get your LEGO bricks at Amazon.