This hilarious engagement session tells the story of “bonded for life couple,” Caitlyn and Jarod. Together they have breakfast in bed, tend their garden, get engaged in a Goodwill and take a sunset walk in a rose garden. Poignantly funny and original, this engagement session will leave you in stitches.

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This is Caitlyn and Jarod

Today we are going to venture into the fascinating lives of Caitlyn and Jarod, a couple bonded for life and currently co-habitating in Portland, Oregon.

Breakfast in Bed

These love birds begin their day in a very traditional way…

Bounty in Portland

Then, after a quick breakfast, it’s time to tend their bountiful garden. Those tomatoes are coming in nicely!

What’s New?

Time for coffee and an adventure out. It’s aways good to try and treat yourself to a nice brew and the news.


Now, some people like to spend their days together at a park or the beach. Maybe a nice hike in the Oregonian woods?


She Said Yes!

Congratulations friends!!!! That’s excellent, and so convenient!


Well now that you’re engaged, let’s take some engagement photos!


I see you chose an autumnal engagement theme………


Well, so now that you got that out of the way, shall we go for a hike?

Au Natural

Hiking is definitely one of their favorite activities.

What a fun afternoon! I hope that snake bite heals properly.

Rose Garden Walk

Now we’re off for a romantic walk in the rose garden, it’s such a beautiful place to watch a summer sunset.


Pop that foot!


Watch the head!

La Dolce Vita

Let’s play in the fountain!

Post Dinner Pensiveness

And after a nice, homecooked meal, the couple retires to the patio to soak in the summer stars….

Just Kidding

They come up with funny band names and their potential backstories…

The End