My name is Artur Musioł (27), I graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Poland. I love taking photographs and turning them into amazing artworks.

My series “Reactivation” is about postrindustrial architecture of Silesia, where I come from and where I create.

As the years pass the silesian landscape changes. Old mines and factories, which have been giving employment to many people living in the region, are systematically closed, destroyed and demolished. In my project I rescue them from being forgotten by making them come alive as a new, surreal form of life.

“Reactivation” represents a different way of industrial photography. Every object shown in my work – despite it’s lightness – is full of submility. It dominates the sky and makes the viewer feel small. But the viewer is not alone – every artwork contains a hidden figure – a guide, who shows the way through grimy concrete and rusted steel.

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