Our family isn’t traditional; we are more of “the new normal.” Two fathers Paul Sandmann & Manny Lopez. Adelaide and Augustus came into our world in 2014 via surrogacy and are the joy of our lives.

Halloween is my favorite event of the year and the moment we found out we were having twins (a boy and a girl) I immediately started thinking about family Halloween costumes. I always want to make Adelaide the main character since she is the girl of the house, so every year, we make our own creative costumes around a strong female lead. We also take and edit all of our pictures.

2015 The Wizard of OZ. I dreamt of this picture, and it came out exactly like my dream. These cool costumes were purchased 60%, and we made the rest.

2016 Game of Thrones. This HBO series is so popular, so I wanted to push myself on creating these DIY costumes, so I made everything with the exception of Augustus little dragon and the two adults dragon heads. It took me about three months for this Halloween costume idea to come together because I had to hand-paint the dragons and let the paint dry so I can move onto the next body part. Adelaide dress was all custom made.

2017 inspiration for our unique costumes this year was one of my favorite movies of all times, “The Fifth Element,” which is celebrating its 20th year anniversary. Leeloo, the heroine of the movie, is played by Adelaide.

We made pretty much everything with the exception of Paul’s costume (right), which we pieced together from purchased components. This was a very ambitious project since I didn’t have a clue how to make these DIY Halloween costumes and have limited sewing experience. I believe I did a pretty good job, especially on the Diva Plavalaguna costume wore by me Manny (left), which required a number of revisions.

It took me about two months to make these costumes, especially the Diva costume (Manny-Left), which was a LOT of work and a lot of fail patterns.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. The kids were even happy taking pictures this year and believe it or not; they actually were collaborating.

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Halloween 2015 – Wizard of OZ

Halloween 2016 – Game of Thrones

Halloween 2017 – The Fifth Element