Today’s fashion and beauty industry is hugely women-oriented with new high-tech products we ‘need in our lives right now’ taking over the market every single day. With the overwhelming advertising of these products and services, ladies just have to have their eyes and wallets wide open in order to keep up with trends. And men? According to tendencies in the advertising world, they can use one of the multi-purpose products for both hair and body, spray some manly deodorant, and they should be good to go. But it wasn’t always this way.

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Seems like back in the day, the media had a particular idea of how a true flamboyant man should look and what necessary tonsorial gadgets they should use to correspond to the standards. From detailed haircut descriptions to men’s hairspray, to mustache shampoo, and combs for every occasion you could imagine – the magazines and newspapers definitely gave men’s appearance the attention it deserves. Extremely thorough adverts were all men needed to follow to blend in with the chic '70s fashion and style scene. Especially when it comes to hair, and oh boy, were the 1970s hairy!

What were the tendencies of men's hair in the 1970s? What's interesting is that you could see a bit of variation in hair tendencies during this vivid decade, from rebelliously long to sophisticated short, blow-dried and bouffant to even punky spiked and bleached. Seems like at first men could not decide what they wanted but all in all, "overgrown" became the look of the decade. Oh, and let's not forget mustaches, mutton chops, and even fake facial hair. After all, it was a hairy decade!

Those vintage advertisements might look ludicrous to our sophisticated modern eye since the industry has evolved so much, but if you look into this closely… It probably wouldn’t hurt anyone if some of today’s men used the expert advice. Don't you agree?

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