Sometimes, a double venti soy iced caramel frappuccino (or whatever people order) from Starbucks just isn’t enough. When you need more craziness than drink orders that are 1/3 English 1/3 Italian and 1/3 gibberish, check out these shops where themed designs dominate, making for a unique experience – even if you only order a regular coffee!

Modern Toilet Cafe, Taiwan

Kitty’s Corner Cafe, Indonesia

Robo Cafe, Japan

Royal Teas, England

Dr Fish Cafe, South Korea

Cafe/Day, Japan

Molecule Wate Cafe, USA

Hub Cafe, New Zealand

Alice of Magic World, Japan

Cafe Jack, USA

Sweat Shop, France

Mahika Mano, Japan

Garden View Tea Lounge, USA

Urban Station, Argentina

Thanks Nature, South Korea

Gundam Cafe, Japan

Barbie Cafe, Taiwan

Horror Picture Tea, France

Calico Cat Cafe