The Japan-based owner of 12 fancy kitties, who proudly describes herself as a “full-time cat mom” reveals what it’s like to live with spoiled indoor chinchilla Persians and breaks all the cat lady stereotypes: ”I’m happy, so it doesn’t really matter what other people think about me having this many cats”- the woman told Catster.

“It started when we met our first cat, Yuki… We took her home after rescuing her in the middle of the road where we found her dirty and freezing.” Then, later the owner decided to adopt to two more Persian beauties. But what about the other nine? They are their children from the same litter! The lady assures that the cats are all spayed and neutered now so there’s no chance of having more kitties.

What’s her secret for getting all 12 furballs look straight into the camera? “I wave their favorite feather toy to get their attention and call the names of those who don’t look.”

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