Sometimes, when you’re upset, the simplest gestures can be the most effective to cheer you up. A Twitter user who goes by @AnnieeDaGrannie found this out when she was visiting her family in Virginia. After an argument that left her hiding in the bathroom and crying, her 10-year-old brother came to check on her and try to cheer her up the best way he knew how. The note he gave her, which Annie posted on Twitter, is so earnest and sweet that it brought people to tears and has everyone appreciating their relationships with their siblings.

When she wasn’t quite ready to come out and talk yet, he tried again with an adorably mismatched “early Christmas” box that he threw together on the spot. Scroll down to see the notes and gifts, which will brighten your day too.

Image credits: AnnieDaGrannie

A Twitter user posted these pictures of the notes her brother gave her to cheer her up

Image credits: AnnieDaGrannie

Image credits: AnnieDaGrannie

Image credits: AnnieDaGrannie

Image credits: AnnieDaGrannie

After a while, he tried again with this cute “Happy early Christmas” box

Image credits: AnnieDaGrannie

Image credits: AnnieDaGrannie

If you don’t know what to do when someone you love is having a difficult time, the best you can offer is to show them that you love them and tell them that you’ll be there to do something fun with them whenever they’re ready. People on Twitter admired the 10-year-old’s thoughtfulness and some said it reminded them of their own younger brothers.

If you want to know the end of the story, Annie said later in the thread that they ended up going out to play football together and mentioned that, living far away from her family, she values the time she gets to spend with her brother. Siblings who are far apart in age often end up spending much less time together than siblings who essentially grow up together in the same peer group, and can end up feeling like they don’t know one another that well, especially once the older sibling goes to university or otherwise moves away. On the other hand, younger siblings also say they like having an older figure in their lives who’s easier to talk to than their parents. But sometimes it can be the younger one who can offer another, simpler perspective and some consolation.

Do you have any sweet stories like this about your siblings?

Annie responded to comments about her brother’s kind gesture

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The story melted people’s hearts

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