Hello! I am Evisa Isabella Rose and here is a collection of my motivational comics.

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Now if you're having a bad day, please raise your hands! Whoa! A lot of hands over there! The truth is that life is a delicate bouquet of moments: some of them are like beautiful, colorful roses, while some others are like grey, poisonous weed. Sometimes the bad weed steals so much of our attention and energy that we forget about the roses.

Each and every one of my comics represent a bad moment, day or event that I tried to make it more bearable. It's a lose-win situation. Something bad happens, a funny or positive idea comes in my mind and I feel a little bit better.

I hope my comics to make you think and to make you smile. And most of all I hope they make you see the beautiful roses inside you and around you... even if it's just for a few seconds. 

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#1 My Favourite Yoga Position

My Favourite Yoga Position


Santosh Singh 11 months ago

hahaha this seems like hindu go vishnu. he always has disc on his finger

#2 Step By Step, Keep Going

Step By Step, Keep Going


Markus McCloud 1 year ago

Determination is one hell of a drug.

#5 Think Positive

Think Positive


Blue wolf 1 year ago

Cornicorn! Genius!

#6 When Your Life Is Falling Apart

When Your Life Is Falling Apart


Santosh Singh 11 months ago

haha red shoes and her red underwear :)

#8 This Isn't Love

This Isn't Love


Hi_Welcome_to_Chili's 1 year ago

Wait did this actually happen to you?!

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