Hello! I'm Evisa and I have one question: -Have you ever been disappointed in love? If yes, then this is the right place for you. If no, then please tell me your secrets!

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During the last months I've been reading on the internet a lot of comic series about what ''love is''. They are all very sweet and lovely, but sometimes ''love isn't''. Sometimes relationships aren't so dreamy or sometimes your crush doesn't like you back. And that's how I thought of making these comics.

So what do you do when Mr. Crush doesn't give back his precious love to you? I know exactly what you do. You start crying and eating your emotions which slowly leads to emotional eating! Then you start listening to some very sad music and pretend you're starring in a melancholic videoclip. Am I right?

Of course you can do all the above crazy stuff. But now please depart from ''Grieve Planet'' and come back to Earth. Instead of losing your time by staring at a closed door, feel curious and optimistic to open and explore new doors! Love and respect yourself enough to stay away from situations you don't deserve! It won't be easy, but it will be worth it! And that's all folks!

I know rejection isn’t easy but I hope you have a laugh while reading my ''Crush'' comic collection!

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Bye Bye World


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