The black panther movies is one of the most talked about movies of the year. And so far, earned over 700 million in box office. Even attracting cosplayers in Korea and China.

lauded for its amazing cinematic experience, and feature of a predominate black cast. The movie brings together so many African cultures into one big fun story.

With the highly intense battles, and intriguing technology it is easy to miss the cultures on display. Some of which are so interesting without the drama or cinematic polish. Below is a list of some of them.

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Queen Ramonda headdress. It’s a reed Zulu hat called “Isicholos

Worn by the married women of the Zulu clan for ceremonial rites.

Ndebele Neck Rings worn by general Shuri of the Dora Milaje

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From The South Ndebele peoples of Zimbabwe and South Africa

Lip plates or disks and around the ears.

From the Surma and Mursi tribes in south west Ethiopia

The elaborate collar decorations, and bald head of the king’s guard

From the Turkana people of the Kenyan Rift valley.

Eric Killmonger’s Museum Mask.

From the Igbo speaking people of Nigeria

The Masked peoples of the Desert Tribe.

From the Dogon people of Mali, West Africa

Eric Killmonger’s body markings.

From the Mursi tribe of Ethiopia

and Surma tribes in Ethiopia.

The Basotho Blanket on the Border Tribes

From Lesotho. Worn by the Sesotho and Basotho people

Forest Whittaker plays shaman Zuri in Ornamental flowing robe

From the Yoruba tribe, Nigeria and The Hausa of Niger and Mali

The distinctive red earth in the hairs and skin of the council chief.

From Namibia, inspired by the Himba people of north-west ( the Red mud is known as otjize)

T’Challa’s Kente scarf.

From Ghana, West Africa