For all you pitbull haters

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1. The nanny dog

In the 1800’s, when parents would go out to lavish parties they would leave there children home with there children. Nickname: the nanny dog.

2. Good temper

86.9% of pit bulls in America passed there temperament test.

3. They have the cutest smile

4. The real bully breed

There are worst dogs including: Argentinian Mastiff (Dogo Argentino, extremely large), Cane Corso (Southern Italy, Sicily, Cane della masseria in Puglia, Cane da Macellaio, Butchers Dog), Caucasian Shepherd (vicious), The Wolfdog, The German Shepherd, Doberman Pinscher (Battle of Guam), Rottweiler (aggressive if poorly trained), Pyrenean … The list goes on.

5. Most sheltered dog

22% of shelters will kill pit bulls regardless of there disposition. 1 out of every 599 are adopted each year.

6. Most abused dog

7.peoples chances of being killed by a pit bull

8. Very sweet

9. A little more

10. Last but not least.