special noise cancellation mask powered by oxygen cylinder. Whisky dispenser installed in office. Ladies roof top boxing from the 1930s! Crazy right ?

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These are some amazing photos from our history that will mystify you for sure.

From hilarious to surprising, these are some of my favorite historic photo collection from old days.

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This whiskey dispenser was often installed in OFFICES in the 1950s..

A special noise cancellation mask designed to help you focus on whatever you are doing.

Don’t get me wrong! Women’s Boxing isn’t recent event. In the 1930s, tough ladies like these use to climb roof so that they can box free from men’s criticism

Four geniuses, just hanging out. Henry Ford, Thomas Edison , Warren G. Harding and Harvey Samuel Firestone.

A police officer and an old fashioned holding cell, circa 1921.

Norma Jean (aka Marilyn Monroe) working in a factory in 1944.

The diving horses of the steel pier in Atlantic City, late 1890s. The show was cancelled after World War II.

The “Great Manta” that was captured by Captain A.L. Kahn on August 26, 1933.

Recording the MGM lion in 1927.

In 1913, two children were mailed by post and rail. Some one put a stamp on their kids and send them to other place via post. Crazy!

A leaning mannequin from an atomic bomb test site in Nevada during the mid-50s.

A construction worker stands on a beam of building at 40 Wall Street, 1930. Safety precautions? Nah.

A very early (and very creepy) sketch of Mickey Mouse. Aweful