“Why can’t everything have life?” asks artist Anaísa Franco. And she’s right, why can’t it? Especially at these times when almost everything can be done by the help of technology. According to this logic Anaisa Franco created a marvelous art project – a public installation called  “Wave of Rainbow”. She made the rainbow alive and she did it by installing 28 acrylic tubes filled with water, with sensors, air pumps and LED lights. To create the right kind of impression, the colors of the LED lights represent all the colors of the rainbow. The air pumps turn on just when the visitors walk by it and the rainbow starts to bubble, creating a “rainbow wave” . [Read more...]

Franco made this project for Xixi National Wetland Park in China. The multi-colored rainbow semi-tunnel is set on a bridge over the water and creates an interesting and interactive art piece.

Website: Anaísa Franco, vimeo

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