Some say that everything has been already created and every new attempt is simply a copy. But there can be a different approach to this – think it’s not a copy but rather a tribute, an enhancement or resurrection. This is what I see when looking into works done by photographer Klaus Enrique Gerdes. He has created a series of compositions called “The Arcimboldo Series” in the manner of 16th century Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo. [Read more...]

Arcimboldo used to paint human portraits by composing them from fruits, vegetables, flowers and other still-life objects. He intended to show the close relationship between human and nature, while Gerdes says he wanted to bring back mystery to life and to photography. The works are actually full of visual puns and mystical references (e.g. Winter wears a cloak monogrammed “M” for the emperor Maximilian). Check out the examples of these two great artists.








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