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Stunning Underwater Photos of People Fighting Against the Ocean

Mark Tipple, a rapidly emerging Australian documentary photographer, captures people completely out of their element in his Underwater Project photo series. Exploring Australia’s relationship with the ocean, Mark goes below the sea surface and photographs swimmers and surfers not when they’re on top of the wave, but after they get underwater and forget all about posing and smiling.

Every pictures is uniquely organic, with tightened face muscles in reaction to the dive, eyes shut tightly and fingers clawing to the sand. While going through the photos, not only do you get to practically feel people’s struggle against the element, but you can also admire the beauty of the underwater world, with different shades of water splashes and the waves.

“Coming from a surfing background I used to  wonder what happens when we’re duck-diving. I always wondered what it looks like from a  different angle than what we can see above the surface,” says Mark. Besides The Underwater Project, Mark is a prolific photographer with a rich portfolio with subjects raging from portraits to weddings to landscape photography. Check out his website for some great shots!


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  • Jose Uno via Facebook

    You dont really fight against the ocean when you are right under a wave. it’s useless. Every bit of energy is wasted and must be saved. You wait relaxed until the wave passes and then you move.

  • Annette Picard via Facebook

    Fantastic, scary but beautiful somehow !

  • Hap Hall via Facebook

    Stunning, as usual.

  • Shanib Rahman via Facebook

    Haydon Gray check these out

  • Guest

    not a fan of photography but those pictures are beautiful and amazing (y)

  • Ewa NP via Facebook


  • Roger Little via Facebook

    NONE of these people, are fighting the ocean! Pull your heads out!

    • joseph

      dafuck man its only a title

  • Roger Little via Facebook

    bullshit, bullshit, bullshit! These people are totally in their element.

  • Stacy Colbin

    Oh wow this is so dramatic! Is this really what happens underwater when you attack a wave? Time to try it out myself and see!

  • Emily

    I was holding my breath like, the entire time.

  • Virginia B Rutter


  • Katherine Tampoco-de la Cruz

    Wow. truly breathtaking!