Hello there! I am Evisa and I am the creator behind the comics below. So, "Twisted plot twist" it’s a series of comics that feature my favorite, and probably yours, cartoon characters. These heroes have been a big part of my childhood, but I wanted to "use" them in different situations than their initial script. If I think of an idea, I just have to draw it, otherwise it will drive me crazy. So when these ideas started "bombing" my brain, I just couldn’t resist not bringing them to life! And here they are!

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Some are a twisted plot twist of the original ones; others are more caustic and sarcastic, satirizing the modern life and the social media. My goal for this comics is to make people laugh, have a little break from their daily routine, remember their childhood, but also think.

I hope you like them, and if you do, I would love to know which one is your favorite! You can also find my main comic series here  and here, and also my photography project here. Yes! I do post a lot on Bored Panda!

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100 Years + 10 More Minutes Please!



Wrong Day Flynn Rider! Wrong Day!


Speedy_Sloth 2 months ago

Love it!! The hair looks like ramen!! 😂


Me Without Makeup Vs Me With Makeup



Prince Charming's Fetish


Speedy_Sloth 2 months ago

Rofl 💜


The Princess & The Frog



Shallow Jasmine



Please Help This Little Boy!


Carl 7 months ago



Hercules Couldn't Reach His Target



Keeping Up With The Flintstonians



Alice In Socialmedialand