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Being both photographers, we were going there as we have seen a lot of beautiful pics from this place and knew it should be for sure something special. After long hours in the bus and several changes, we reached the point and that was worth seeing. This as we called it “Narnia’s tunnel” is located in the village Klevan’ in the northern east of Ukraine, 25 km from town Rivne. To get to that place we walked somewhere 2,5 km, to find it was quite easy as everywhere can be found lovely “heart-sings” along the way.

How such amazing beauty could appear? The answer is very prosaic. In the 20th century this railway was very busy, but later traffic went down and the crones of trees grew together. For sure it would absolutely turn into the wood, if not one train which goes here several times per day. In reality, the Tunnel of Love is a part of the railway, with the duration approx. 4 km. What is there so interesting about it? The Tunnel of Love is a natural phenomenon and wonder covered with romantic stories and legends as well. As usual, people needs stories to believe in, but the most realistic one we’ve heard is that there is one local photographer, who started taking love-stories of different couples and just-married here and it turned to become the Tunnel of Love. Some people tell about Ukrainian Romeo and Juliette tragic love story, someone makes wishes here. Whatever people say, it is absolutely a lovely and fascinating place to admire and take photos.

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Truly, the atmosphere here is romantic and fabulous. We had a feeling as if we were in the fairy-tale

Standing in the middle of the Tunnel of Love it seems endless

The only one train which goes here several times per day

Due to some online resources, this Tunnel of Love is considered to be in the list of the 10 Most Fabulous Tunnels in The World

And when you see it with your own eyes you understand why. As for us, we enjoyed being here very much.

Every single tree and the light coming through turn all around into magic

Awesome place for photographers and must-to-go destination for travelers