It all started when I found a box of lighters from the store room. Instead of discarding them, my brother and I sat down together and dismantled the lighters. We weren’t planning on creating anything; it was done purely out of curiosity. However, we both soon started to see life in the e-wastes. “Hey, look how these parts look just like Wall-E’s eyes!” That was how we began.

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The first robot we put together was inspired by one of our favorite films, WALL-E. It took 4 weeks for us to put this little guy together. Our parents loved it so much they thought we should create more. And so we did! The awareness on e-wastes would not had come to me had it not been for a Marketing assignment I had with my lecturer Mr Rashid. It was after intensive research that I realized that our fun past time could actually help reduce e-wastes and give them a second life.

We used a variety of different materials. They include lighters and old toys. My brother and I would pick up discarded lighters from the road. I also had friends who would kept their empty lighters for me. One of my lecturers even provided me with motherboards from laptops! As of today, we have both put together more than just robots. We created vehicles as well. I guess it gave us more joy in knowing that we were helping reduce e-wastes and also creating things that we love.

Yes, it’s true we can do everything. But we definitely have to do something.

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The first robot we created from various waste materials was inspired by Pixar’s animated film WALL-E.

3 weeks to put together a stunning motorcycle.

We would also use tyres from unwanted toy cars as seen on this miniature bicycle.