If you love snow and don‘t feel claustrophobic when surrounded by high walls, the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is the place for you. The international mountain sightseeing route through the Northern Japanese Alps takes tourists through a variety of amazing alpine sights, among them a snow wall corridor that is 20 meters deep. [Read more...]

The full route is around 90 kilometers long, while the spectacular snow corridor with 20 meter high walls extends as far as 500 meters. The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is accessible by many different types of transportation: local and highland buses, cable cars, trains, tunnel trolley buses, a ropeway and even a cruise ship. Although the famous snow walls are open to sightseers from April to June, the entire route is open to the public until late November. The rest of the route also attracts people with other natural sights, like the bright natural colors of its summer and autumn flora.

Amazingly, this snow passage is filled with snow every winter. At the beginning of the tourist season in the spring, excavators and snowplow vehicles shave down the snow until they reach the road again. The plow machines are capable of spewing  snow high over the 20m of snow to either side of them.

Source: alpen-route.com (via: twistedsifter)

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