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Photographer Challenges Female Beauty Standards With Unshaven Underarm Pictures

By • Apr 10th, 2014 • Category: Latest Posts, Photography

Western society is full of double standards when it comes to men, women and their gender roles. London-based photographer Ben Hopper, however, has taken a small step towards dealing with some of these problems by creating a simple and elegant photo series that turns our ideas of feminine body hair and beauty upside down. For this photo series, which is fittingly called “Natural Beauty,” Hopper challenged the idea that hairy women are in any way unattractive or unhygienic.

Women At Work In The 1940′s

By • Jul 23rd, 2010 • Category: History, Latest Posts, Photography

Before the WWII few women followed careers. Most jobs for women were ‘traditional’ roles such as nursing, secretarial or caring jobs.

Only when millions of men joined the armed forces, women took on an active role in World War II and took on many paid jobs that previously had been held by men – such as bank teller, shoe salesperson or aircraft mechanic. It’s hard to believe but some of your grandmothers actually made WWII bombers!