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Whimsical Sky Art by Thomas Lamadieu

By • Apr 18th, 2013 • Category: Art, Drawing, Latest Posts

French artist Thomas Lamadieu, also know as Roots Art, must really love looking at the sky, but for different reasons than you might think. Every time he looks up, Thomas sees a potential canvas where the building rooftops frame the sky. He photographs it and uses the odd sky shapes to create whimsical line drawings.

Mind-Blowing Architectural Density in Hong Kong

By • Apr 2nd, 2013 • Category: Architecture, Featured, Latest Posts, Photography

In his ‘Architecture of Density’ photo series, German photographer Michael Wolf explores the jaw-dropping urban landscapes of Hong Kong. He rids his pictures of any context, such above or the earth below, and rarely includes people, either. The images are large scale flat captions of buildings which appear to be infinite and haunting in Michael’s photos.

20 Clever Examples of Interactive Street Art

By • Jul 24th, 2012 • Category: Art, Latest Posts, Street Art

Fighting boredom isn’t an easy task, but a dose of creative street art can alleviate the symptoms! Inspired by Modern Met’s 10 Interactive Street Art Works That Rocked, we decided to add a couple of our own picks to the list. But before you start scrolling down the list, be sure to check out other street art posts we had earlier…

70 Amazing Examples of Street Art

By • Mar 7th, 2012 • Category: Art, Featured, Latest Posts, Street Art

This huge collection of creative street art will show you that city is probably the best canvas! Every wall, fence or column could be turned into an art piece. It brings smiles and raises eyebrows. It is closer to people than the best painting or installation shown in a art gallery. Now take a look at these 70 creative examples of street art. How can something so beautiful and creative be a crime?

The Living Wall by Nikita Nomerz

By • Feb 29th, 2012 • Category: Art, Latest Posts

Russian street artist Nikita Nomerz travels around various cities in his homeland to find abandoned structures and bring them back to life. By adding eyes and facial features he makes old buildings laugh, smile, scream or just look at the passersby with their big window eyes.

Artificial Urban Glaciers in Enschede

By • Feb 28th, 2012 • Category: Architecture, Latest Posts

Cities often like to hide natural streams with concrete instead of showing their natural beauty. However, the City of Enschede in Netherlands together with Buro Sent En Co decided to do the opposite. To the delight of Enschede residents, the small stream, which gives its name to the Roombeek street and has in the past flowed underground, has been restored and brought up to the surface again.

Miniature Buildings: Street Art by EVOL

By • May 23rd, 2011 • Category: Architecture, Art, Latest Posts, Street Art

German street artist EVOL transforms banal urban surfaces into miniature lifelike buildings. He is like an urban planner, but unlike the others, he creates a city within the city.The artist uses complicated stencils to quickly transform powerboxes, and other worn urban surfaces into miniature apartment buildings or other structures.

Portraits Carved in Walls by Alexandre Farto

By • May 4th, 2011 • Category: Architecture, Art, Latest Posts

Using abandoned and depleted buildings as his canvas, Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto creates fascinating large scale portraits by carefully scratching and chipping plasters out of walls.

15 Creative Street Art Ideas from OakoAk

By • Dec 15th, 2010 • Category: Art, Featured, Funny, Latest Posts, Street Art

French blog OaKoAk has a very cool collection of creative street art examples, and we want to share our 15 best picks with you. Our Facebook fan Mike described it thus: “This is today’s art, not the phony abstract ugly pieces they gather in modern art museums. This is alive…”

80+ Beautiful Street Crimes done by BANKSY

By • Oct 2nd, 2009 • Category: Art, Featured, Latest Posts, Street Art

Asked about his graffiti technique, Banksy said: “I use whatever it takes. Sometimes that just means drawing a moustache on a girl’s face on some billboard, sometimes that means sweating for days over an intricate drawing. Efficiency is the key.” If you like street art, this post is for you.