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Chinese Man Tries to Smuggle A Turtle Disguised As A Hamburger On A Plane

By • Aug 5th, 2013 • Category: Latest Posts, Travel, Weird

A Chinese man, named Li, became a celebrity after he tried to smuggle his pet turtle disguised as a hamburger on a plane on July 29. Flight 345 to Beijing, however, left without the turtle, as the airport security didn’t fall the the trick. As Li casually tried to board his flight, the security guards got curious about the X-ray machine’s readings of Li’s luggage. The innocent KFC hamburger looked nothing but odd, as it clearly had limbs…

8 Heartbreaking Stories of Animal Prosthetics

By • Nov 19th, 2012 • Category: Animals, Latest Posts, Science

People have been applying prosthesis to help the handicapped ones ever since the Egyptians – but probably only recently we realized, we’re not the only ones suffering the pain on Earth. Check out some inspiring examples of the how people have helped the animals by fitting them with a prosthetic needed!