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One man, 100,000 toothpicks, and 35 years: Amazing Kinetic Sculpture of San Francisco

By • May 6th, 2011 • Category: Art, Latest Posts

Most of you guys probably haven’t been born when artist Scott Weaver started working on his incredibly complex kinetic toothpick sculpture, “Rolling through the Bay”. His amazing piece, made with over 100,000 toothpicks over the course of 35 years, is a depiction of San Francisco, with multiple ball runs that allow you to go on “tours” of different parts of the city.

Tiny Sculptures Made From A Single Toothpick

By • Feb 11th, 2011 • Category: Art, Latest Posts

Steven J. Backman, a San Francisco native, makes incredible tiny sculptures using only one toothpick, a straight edged razor blade and glue. His motto, “The Essence of Patience,” truly exemplifies his drive and determination towards creating unique and unforgettable one-of-a-kind pieces of art.