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People’s Most Intimate Insecurities Revealed in “What I Be Project”

By • Jan 8th, 2014 • Category: Latest Posts, Photography

“The ‘What I Be Project’ is all about honesty.” says Rosenfield. “In today’s society, we are told to look or act a certain way. If we differ from these ‘standards,’ we are often judged, ridiculed, and sometimes even killed over them. I started this project in hopes to open up the lines of communication, and to help everyone accept diversity with an open mind & heart.”

Young Photographer Highlights The Every-Day Racism That Many Of Us Don’t See

By • Dec 10th, 2013 • Category: Latest Posts, Photography

Today’s fight against racism is not as much a large-scale fight against overt and symbolic foes as it is an every-day fight against people’s ingrown bigotry and ignorance – against the every-day “micro-aggressions” through which they express their bigotry. This point is illustrated perfectly by young U.S. photographer Kiyun, who created a series of images of Fordham University students holding up placards with micro-aggressions that they’ve heard.